Other waaz videos

Allama Principal Jahangir Alam Mujahidi – sirajnogor darbar sharif 2006

Pir Sayyid Irfan Shah Al-Mashadi – Urdu lecture – ghamkol sharif 2000

Shaykh Abul Khayr Rizvi bangla & urdu bayan..1/2


Shaykh Jabir Ahmad Sahebzada Sirajnogori – sirajnogor 2006

Maulana Tafazzul Hussain (boirobi) – 2004 Miraj-un-Nabi (saw) conference, DHAKA

16 responses

17 12 2007

how r u? we r well. thank you for its all

21 12 2007

I would like more vidio about sunni scoler speshaly hafez m a jalil for your nice vidio jajakumullah kayran. allah blease you.

18 03 2008

এই সাইটা দেখে মনটা ভরে গেল। ধন্যবাদ সবাইকে।

24 06 2008

assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah!
allah help u all who r giving labour to build this site.
i am praying for all success.
thanks .

1 08 2008

dear brother..in the video clip of Pir Sayyid Irfan Shah Al-Mashadi – Urdu lecture – ghamkol sharif 2000 ( the man wearing white dress), he said “Janab” before uttering the name of Hazrat (Sm)…
and i think its a great dishonor against Hazrat (Sm).
i hope that you will remove the video from this site as soon as possible.

[sunnibarta] – what does janab mean..?? is it good practice to address scholars as “the man”..?

3 08 2008

if allama abdul jalil saheb (i know him very well) agree this then don’t take any action about that. but if he doesn’t agree then you must delete this. janab is a title given by human being for normal human. but who are we to give the same title to our prophet.
i can address you as janab but i can’t address even any prophet with janab.
may allah forgive me if i’m wrong

[sunnibarta] – you still didn’t explain what “janab” actually means.. anyway, before and after the janab word came in there were many other praised titles included so this should make it ok! i mean its not as if the shaykh only used the word janab and nothing else..if i remember correctly i seem to remember watching this video in the company of our teacher allama jalil sahib m:z:a and i don’t recall him making any objections.

whatever janab means, as far as i know it is a title of respect. wallahu alam bis sawab!

17 03 2009
Sharif al- Islam

Assalam ORB,

I like to listen OAZ from UR website. I wonder if there is any new OAZ which U will attach in UR website. When U will attach the new OAZ?


[sunnibarta] – Inshallah, soon!

13 07 2009
azim chowdhury

very nice. no doubt. i am really gratefull to sunni barta. thank you.

24 09 2009
shah alam

Inn lillahi wa inna lillahi raziun,
I am verry verry shocked to lesten deth news of allama M.A Jalil (R.A) May Allah give him a Great Place in jannatul fardaus nd his reja-e Khayer. Aameen.

15 05 2012
mohammad hosssain

sunni bartar daka amar monta bora galo,alhamdo,,le lha,R, noton mahafil o pogaram add koran,R ,ALLHA apnaka hait dan korok,amen??R,APNAR sobdolel koran R, HADEHS motabak hojor apna agia solol R porporar perar shta amadar topat kano? hojor apna o sobi mela sahsta koron ,,tk selat serahj nogorir moto?

5 11 2012

anayotullal abbasir waj add korun……please

12 11 2012
Abd Al Mustafa

uni ke.?? unake ami chini na, thar karone thar waaz ekane ney.

17 06 2013
Khorshed Alam

Sunni Bartar aro prosar hoya khub projon.

4 04 2014
foriul hoque

MILAD qiamer kitaber list din and abusufian,kafiluddin,anayet ulla abbasi jonpuri,hafiz owaliulla asheqi,abul kashem nurir waz kothay pabo web din and download link din.

4 04 2014
Abd Al Mustafa


11 05 2014
Md. Sohag Khan

Hafez principal M.A Jalil er aro besi audio waz din.

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