Final Resting place of Mufti-e-Azam Bangladesh (RA)

23 09 2009

Inna Lillahi wa innah ilaihi raajioon! Principal saheb (RA) was veiled from this world @ around 10.10pm BD time 22/9/09.

May Allah Grant him a high station in the hereafter. Ameen!



26 responses

1 02 2009

dear viewer and all, by marcy of allah subahnah ta’la the condition of allama hafez m.a jalil is much beter and he is getting up from the sickness.please pray for him of his early complete recovary.pray and du’a for all.
by alhajj.mohammed iqbal

10 08 2009
farijul bari

we pray to almighty Allah for the entire recovery from all diseases of our beloved Allama Hafez M.A.Jalil so that he can spilt down all web of conspirecy and can build our long dreamed Gousul Azam Jame Masjid .

2 02 2009

Do you have any update on this? I am very much concerned about it; however, I know, InshahAllah, Jalil Shaheb must recover very soon. My wholehearted prayer is with him.

5 02 2009
shah alam

I wish and make heardly dua for allama hafej M A Jalil, I think he is not only a sunny person he is a great inistitute of ahlus sunnah wal jamyath. I would like negahe karom of madina wala and allahs blassing. may allah give him long hayath e taieeb. aameen
mohammad Alam
246 east 207 street
bronx, NY 10467

11 02 2009
kavie syed

I am very worried about jalil saheb. may allah give him quick shifa. A tiger sunni
alim like principal jalil saheb is very important for all the the sunni people in
bangladesh. I have seen his waaz which is bold, logical and to the point and he
is a great living weapon against all the batil firka. may allah and his rasool(sm)
give him their madad. again salam and dua for him from Australia.

Kavie syed
sydney, Australia

3 03 2009

I am shocked and saddened by this. Any news on the current situation of Shaykh Jalil Sahib?

With the blessings of this great month, may Shaykh Jalil Sahib make a full recovery. Ameen.

4 03 2009
Abd Al Mustafa

I have just emailed one of shaykh’s neighbour & dear friend. Inshallah he shud post a comment on here very soon!

*** message from mohammed iqbal: shaykh is not very well. plz make dua for his full recovery.inshallah. ***

19 04 2009

dear all, the condition of alllama shaykh jalil saheb is still not well,he has been having the situation bed ridden.please pray for him for his early comeup to pay his attention for sunniat again .only allah subhana taala can give him blessing for us to his recovery from illness and direct us in right path of sunniat.amin.

20 04 2009

Any news on the health of Shaykh Jalil Sahib?

***message from iqbal bhai***
Please to inform you that Principal Huzur is getting recover from his illness. He asked me to give you this message and also request you to convey this message to you all in England as much as possible.

26 04 2009
Ehsan Ali Chowdhury

Allah Jeno Taratari Hujur Kebla ke Bhalo Kore Den.Amader ei Dua. Desh Bashir Kache Amader Abedon Hujur Kebla MJA Jonno Shobai Dua Korben Sunni Andoloner Ei Bir Shenani Jeno Taratari Shushtho Hoye Uten. AMEEN

12 05 2009

All of we sunni muslim heartly pray to allah for our ‘HAFEZ M A JALIL HUJUR.’

12 05 2009

NOBI berodhider atonkoo, NOBI prameek,principal hafez m a jalil hujurer jonno bishow sunni muslim prote mohurte dua korsen,ati amar biswas.

16 05 2009
Md. Mohiuzzaman Haque ( Mishad)

I do expect his complete recovery as anon as feasible………may Allah bless him……… we need him very much as because he is the model of the devoted lover of Rasul (Sm)………….

12 06 2009
azim chowdhury

it is not possible to describe the importance of Huzur Kebla for the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat. He is the pioneer of Sunni Muslim. We all heartily pray for his better health. May Allah permit some more years to guide us.
azim chowdhury
132/1/A, Ahmedbagh. Dhaka – 1214.
01715 46 18 09

8 07 2009

principal Abdul Jalil joto taratari bhalo hobe, muslim jahan toto taratari wahabi khariji fetna thake mukti pabe. Allah ai Olema e haq ke lomba hayat dan karun .

6 08 2009
Sharif al- Islam

Asslamu olaikum wr!

I like to know about the current situaition of Hafez M Jalil . Is he feeling better now? May Allah bless him.

Thanks a lot for UR feedback!

Sharif, stockholm

23 09 2009
md.abdul aziz

inna lillahi wainnah ilahi rajeoon, allama jalil shaab (rh) was a great allama of ahle sunnat wal jamat, sunni people lose a real mujahid against wahhabism and maududism. we are upset to lose him, wish him allah give a top jannah ameen.

24 09 2009
Md.sadar uddin

Assalamu alaikum. amra alazhar university,cairo, Egypt , ar student. amra allama m,a jalil shaheb hozor ar intikale shok prokas kortesi. and al azhar university ar sunni student derke nia amra hojorer intikaler din night a doa khotom and milad mahfiler maddome hojorer nikot sawab richani korci.allah hozorke jannat nosib koron and amder ke ozorer moto boro alem banan, amin amin , bihormoti saiyedil morsalin. thanks for accepting our comment.

25 09 2009
azim chowdhury

Muslim World has lost a STAR. He (RA) was one of the best and knowledgeable Allama in this world. Sunni Jamat will remember Him(RA) forever. I am grateful to Him(RA) because He (RA) had shown me the right path of Islam. May ALLAH Grant Him(RA) Jannatul Ferdous. Ameen.

29 09 2009

thank you for the love to pay for him(RA),certainly he was one of the greatest alim and knowledgeble person of islam at times in the world.his ofat is loss of rahmat for mankind and islami ummah.may Allah gives him eternal pace and zannatul ferdaus.also lead us in the right path he shown for .ameen.

21 12 2009
Abu Abbas al-Ridawi

Salam `alaykum:

On behalf of the Fikr-e-Raza WordPress blog and myself, Abu Abbas al-Ridawi, I would like to send my condolences on the passing of Hazrat-e-Mufti Azam Bangla Hazrat Principal Mufti Dr. `Abdul Jalil Qadri alayhi rahmatur rahman

Ini lillahi wa ini `ilayhi raji`yun

Wassalam `alaykum

21 12 2009

Salam `alaykum:

ini lillahi wa ini `ilayhi raji`yun


20 01 2010
azim chowdhury

i always remember this great muslim scholar with great respect and honour. may allah grant him (Ra) high position. ameen.

9 02 2010
Mozammel Hoque

hozurer intakale ami govir sokahta. ami asa karsi acon jara daitta paln karsen tader prati salam. & dou sassi.

11 02 2011

i liked he way of speaking and i liked his many lectures and he was a great man thank you for shearing a resource full link

27 03 2012
S.M. Farhad Mostafa Muniri

Assalamualaikum vijaan. Jalil (Ra) saheb ke onek miss korchi.Ahle sunnat wal jamater ei boro stomboke amra sob shomoi miss korbo.doya kore kew bolben ki huzurer mazar sharifta kon jaigai .

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